Bewell-C Plus Calcium: combines the next generation organic calcium with the non-Acidic form of Vitamin-C and Vitamin D3 in order to form a 3 in 1 vitamin supplement that Strengthens both the immune system and the bone health of the patient. The patented Bewell-C Plus Calcium formula takes advantage of the synergy of these vitamins to make an effective but affordable way to stay strong and healthy.


Strengthens teeth and bones

Calcium supports bones and teeth structure, while Vitamin D improves Calcium absorption and bone growth. Bewell-C Plus Calcium contains adequate amounts of Calcium and Vitamin D needed by the body to achieve healthy teeth and bones

Non-acidic vitamin supplement

Overly acidic environments can promote Demineralization, Osteoporosis in particular, as well as muscle atrophy and certain types of kidney stones. Bewell-C Plus Calcium is a non-acidic vitamin supplement

Can be consumed on an empty stomach

Water soluble vitamins are absorbed best on an empty stomach. That means taking it first thing in the morning, 30 minutes prior to eating or two hours after a meal. Bewell-C Plus Calcium can be taken on an empty stomach without the risk of hyperacidity

Provides the full benefit of non-acidic Vitamin C and organic form of Calcium at an affordable price

Bewell-C Plus Calcium's patented formulation combine these vital ingredients to keep your body strong and healthy

Has a much higher bioavailability rating than non-calcium citrate supplements

Our next generation ingredients ensure maximum absorption compared to traditional sources. For example, our Calcium citrate is up to 80% more bioavailable compared to the traditional Calcium carbonate

Contains Vitamin D to further enhance absorption

Vitamin D promotes calcium absorption in the gut and maintains adequate serum calcium and phosphate concentrations to enable normal mineralization of bone


1. What is the content of Bewell - C Plus Calcium?
Calcium Ascorbate: 500mg (Equivalent to 206.546mg of Ascorbic acid)
Calcium Citrate: 500mg (Equivalent to 35.125mg of Calcium)
Cholecalciferol: 200IU (Vitamin D3)
2. How much is Bewell-C Plus Calcium?
Bewell - C Plus Calcium is SRP P10.00 per capsule
3. Where can I buy Bewell - C Plus Calcium?
Bewell - C Plus Calcium is available at all leading drugstores nationwide
4. Is Bewell C Plus Calcium safe for pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers?
Yes. However, it is always best to consult your doctor if you are pregnant or lactating
5. What is the recommended dose of Bewell - C Plus Calcium?
1 to 2 capsules daily
6. When is the best time to take Bewell - C Plus Calcium?
Bewell C Plus Calcium can be taken anytime of the day, but there are studies that it is best to take Vitamin C in an empty stomach
7. Bewell - C Plus Calcium is recommended for what age?
Recommended for 15 years old and above
8. Do I need doctor's prescription to buy Bewell - C Plus Calcium?
No, Bewell - C Plus Calcium is over-the-counter drug
9. Is Bewell - C Plus Calcium FDA approved?
Yes. All our products are fully compliant with all government regulations and standards
10. Is it okay to take Bewell - C Plus Calcium with other vitamins or supplements?
Yes, Bewell-C Plus Calcium is safe to take with other vitamins or supplements