Bewell-C Zinc Protect: The most trusted Non-acidic Vitamin C is now combined with Zinc to give much higher protection in your everyday life. Still uses the next generation Vitamin C which is Sodium Ascorb, plus Zinc Sulfate Monohydrate that can be taken on an empty stomach without the risk of hyper acidity.


Strengthens your immune system

Bewell-C protects you and your family against common colds, flu and other diseases by boosting your immune system.

Promotes healthy cell development and aids in the repair of damaged cells

Taking Bewell-C daily will slow down the process of aging. It can also prevent free radicals to cause further cellular damage often linked to cancer and heart diseases.

Helps with the healthy healing of wounds and burns

Bewell-C is recommended for skin health and chronic wound healing. It can speed up the healing process of wounds and burns because of its role in collagen production.

Helps ease mental stress and protects against stress related disorders

Individuals who are stressed have elevated levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Bewell-C allows the body to quickly clear out cortisol.

Acts as an antioxidant that can protect your body from free radicals which may cause heart disease and cancer

Heart disease and cancer are proven to be caused by free radicals. Bewell-C, being a potent antioxidant vitamin, helps reduce the risk of having these diseases.

Aids in producing collagen which keeps your teeth and bones strong and healthy

Bewell-C can help stimulate the cells that build bone, enhance calcium absorption, and enhance Vitamin D’s effect on bone metabolism.

Boosts Your Immune System

Zinc also protects you and your family against common colds, flu and other diseases by boosting your immune system.

Promotes Eye Health

Zinc can help for eye disease protection and reduce ailments like dryness and inflammation.

May Help Treat Acne

Studies suggest taking zinc can effectively treat acne by reducing inflammation, inhibiting the growth of P. acnes bacteria and suppressing oily gland activity.

Avoid Zinc deficiency

Taking Zinc protect helps normalize the level of zinc in our body especially for those who have low levels of zinc.

Decreases Inflammation

Zinc decreases oxidative stress and reduces levels of certain inflammatory proteins in your body

Better Absorption of Iron and other nutrients


1. What is the content of Bewell-C Zinc Protect?
444.5 mg (equivalent to 500mg Sodium Ascorbate + 10mg (equivalent to 45.5mg Zinc Sulfate Monohydrate) capsule
2. How much is Bewell-C Zinc Protect?
Bewell-C Zinc Protect SRP P7.50 per capsule
3. Where can I buy Bewell-C Zinc Protect?
Bewell- C Zinc Protect is available at all leading drugstores nationwide
5. What is the recommended dose of Bewell-C Zinc Protect?
Take 1-2 capsules a day or as directed by the physician
6. When is the best time to take Bewell-C Zinc Protect?
Bewell- C Zinc Protect can be taken anytime of the day.
7. Bewell- C Zinc Protect is recommended for what age?
For adults only (12 years old and above or as directed by the physician)
8. Do I need doctor's prescription to buy Bewell- C Zinc Protect?
No, Bewell- C Zinc Protect is over-the-counter drug
9. Is Bewell- C Zinc Protect FDA approved?
Yes, All our products are fully compliant with all government regulations and standards
10. Is it okay to take Bewell- C Zinc Protect with other vitamins or supplements?
Yes, however it is always best to consult your doctor first.